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Rounds and classifications

Several archery clubs have excellent pages listing the different types of rounds used in competitions – indoor, outdoor, imperial, metric ….

Northampton Archery Club - rounds
Northampton Archery Club tournaments page
Ely Archers' Rounds page
Ely Archers’ comprehensive rounds page

Alternatively, if you’re out on the field and need a mobile friendly layout – try the Mobile Friendly Classification Tables from Archery

Ely Archers also have a user friendly display of classification tables (the various classification levels are detailed on the Archery GB site).

Once you’ve completed a round, Wicken Archery use Golden Records Online to record scores.


For some reason, I spend too much time looking at these tables:


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Bow Tuning

If you don’t want to use a lump hammer, more considered suggestions about how to accurately tune a bow can be found at: