Beginners’ Courses

We run a number of beginners’ courses each year. Each course is delivered over two Sunday afternoons, outdoors at Wicken. Currently we charge £45 for Juniors and £60 Adults and all equipment is supplied. We have club bows available for both senior and junior recurve, and compound disciplines.

A form for requesting more information is at the bottom of this page, below a few FAQs.

Beginners’ Courses FAQs

Will I need to buy anything before starting the beginners course?

No, the club will supply all the equipment – normally you will not need to buy anything.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the expected weather conditions. Footwear should not be open toed (just in case you drop an arrow) and clothing should be relatively tight fitting for your upper body (so it doesn’t get caught by the bow string).

I have found a bow on Ebay/Amazon/Wish that looks to be a bargain, should I save myself some money and get it before starting the beginners course? 

We would suggest you wait until after you have completed the course and got some experience before buying any equipment – the bow should be matched to your capabilities to enable you to get the most out of it and avoid risk of injuries.

Are there any age limits?

The minimum age is 8, but above this age, practically, the lower limit is normally determined by the maturity of a child both physical (pulling back the string) and mental (ability to listen and take on instructions). Upper limit is based on how young you think you are!

Is archery an inclusive sport?

Yes – archery is an inclusive sport. If you have any worries about specifics just chat to us beforehand.

Is archery a “physical” sport (I am not a traditionally sporty person)? 

When you start as a beginner you will be shooting with lightweight bows and relatively close to the target so it shouldn’t be too physically demanding. If you continue with the sport and start using more powerful bows, shooting at longer distances you might notice the effect at the end of a session.  

Is archery an expensive sport?

Like most activities you have a big variety in prices you can pay. If you want to buy the same equipment as the world’s best archers you could be spending £1000s but most people spend in the £100’s to get their 1st kit. After paying your club fees (see the About page for our season’s fees) if you don’t want to upgrade your kit running costs tend to be minimal maybe having to replace an arrow or two in a season. 

If I complete the training course and decide to join the club will I need to buy some gear straight away?

No, not immediately! When you have completed the course you should be safe to shoot but you will still be refining your technique and so your requirements will be changing – the club has some equipment that it will lend to new members to get you started. Normally you would want to buy your own bow and associated equipment after 2-3 months shooting.

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